Law360 Article Highlights Managing Partner David Stone’s Defense Of Whistleblower Benjamin Carter In Oral Argument Before The Supreme Court In FCA Case Against Halliburton

January 13th, 2015

Stone & Magnanini’s Managing Partner David Stone presented oral argument before the Supreme Court in Kellogg Brown & Root Services, Inc. et al. v. United States ex rel. Carter on certification from the Fourth Circuit. Stone argued that the Fourth Circuit correctly held that the Wartime Suspension of Limitations Act tolls the statute of limitations for civil war fraud false claims cases such as Carter’s, which argues that Halliburton’s subsidiary KBR fraudulently billed for purifying water in Iraq. Stone also argued that the Court should affirm that the False Claims Act first-to-file provision applies only while the first-filed case is pending. Malcolm Stewart, of the Solicitor General’s Office, appeared and also argued for affirmance on both grounds.

Daniel Wilson, Justices Focus On Fraud Claim Expiration In KBR FCA Cases, LAW360, Jan. 13, 2015